There are so many reasons to love summer and the list can be endless;  warmer weather, sunny days, school holidays and quality time with the family, longer hours to enjoy the day fully  and pack in as much as possible, a quieter city as well as an upcoming holiday!

A holiday broadens your horizons, gives you a pause from everyday life and most importantly, improves your health from top to toe- studies actually prove it! Recent findings suggest that tourists experienced more positive emotions on holiday than at home. These positive emotions help lower the stress hormone cortisol, shown to help reduce blood pressure and support sharper thinking.

There are many surprising ways to help boost your wellbeing while being at home too! One of which involves taking care of your ‘whole self’ and this starts now. Being more active and generally eating a healthier diet can be part of your new routine. Helping your body reduce the stress response and create more positive emotions can definitely be achieved through the right kind of foods and activity.

If better weight management features in your summer goals, then consider complementing your daily intake with Garden of Life Raw Organic Fit. A one of a kind, USDA and EU certified Organic Vegan Protein blend helping to bring the body into balance, with the clinically studied Ayurvedic herb, Ashwaghanda. Research shows, it may safely and effectively improve our resistance towards stress through its action on our cortisol levels while also balancing our blood sugar levels, two key elements to support your mind and body.

Raw Organic Fit also contains several clinically studied ingredients, including Organic Svetol Green Coffee Bean extract that is naturally decaffeinated and an Organic Glucose Management blend of ingredients to support your healthy weight management goals. This includes Baobab amongst others, a highly nutritious fruit known for its content of vitamins and minerals, such as Magnesium, Vitamin C and soluble fibre.

As research suggests, Fibre can help support your bacterial gut flora, balance blood sugar levels (which may support mood changes) and naturally satisfy hunger. Including fibre from wide and varied sources throughout the day can be useful and help you achieve the minimum daily recommended amounts (30g). Easily digested forms of protein and fibre also matters,  hence why  Raw Organic Fit provides  28g of plant proteins  from organic yellow peas, 13 raw and sprouted legumes, seeds and grains, additional fibre from tapioca and chia seeds. Above all your gut health is further supported with a blend of live bacteria (3 billion CFU) and 13 digestive enzymes.

There’s no better place to start than adding clean Raw Organic Fit to your new healthy lifestyle. Picking the most nourishing option matters, as not only it is all sustainably farmed without toxic residue, contains no genetically modified ingredients and is ‘Raw’ ,meaning the plant proteins are produced at low temperatures to avoid denaturing proteins and reducing their quality.

Make your summer diet and exercise programme more effective with a great tasting organically flavoured blend to your favourite foods and beverages. Kick start your day with a breakfast smoothie of Raw Organic Fit mixed with water or unsweetened organic milk within 30 minutes of waking up. Stay tuned for our Garden of Life Protein recipes and fire away any questions you may have.